Health Test (H-Test)

Every business grows, develops and dies within its life-cycle, dependent on its relations with the external and internal environment. A healthy business is characterized by those parameters of its structure and behavior that encourage its further development in any given environment. It is therefore necessary to diagnose it, and to suggest changes in its business strategy and individual parameters. Based on our experience, the business diagnostic study, Health Test is the first step in the journey to growth and prosperity.

"Health Test is a doctor; it assures excellence, fitness and glow of your business at any phase of the life cycle position of your business."

Margin'sview H-test is designed by our professionals to demonstrate the areas of distress to your business, which need to be enhanced, to help you focus on the probable solutions to improve the disorder in the business. It runs logically from the premise that the sole aim of every business is to ADD VALUE to the shareholders. Every healthy business by default MAXIMISES THE WEALTH OF SHAREHOLDERS. If the same is not happening, it indicates some disorder in the business operations.

The Health Test sieves in information to diagnose the concern areas of business performance and provides a road map to the managers in taking wise and strategic decisions.

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Product Cost Calculator

Our research indicates that one of the important strategic success factors for any growing organisation is to create sustainable cost advantage; for gaining market share through pricing edge and profits. Companies need to constantly respond to downward pressure on prices, intensifying competition, pressure from the stakeholders and the need to find cash to fund growth, gaining cost advantages starts to be a complex issue. What becomes of utmost importance at such a juncture for the companies is to know their true cost of doing business.

Based on our experience of working with companies, our professionals at Margin'sview have developed a toolkit of TRUE COST CALCULATOR which helps companies know the true cost of each product in their offering. The cost calculator has the capability to determine the true cost of business from multiple dimensions like products, processes, functions etc.

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Businesses around the world are witnessing challenging times. Some are struggling due to fallen demand, while others are trying to cope with growth. One thing is sure; the world is changing fast - atleast for Emerging Markets like India. According to our interaction with various companies, the real challenge in emerging markets lies around building sustainability in growth. To manage growth and at the same time, make it consistent is definitely a complex and tedious task, which requires specialized focus.

We, as Margin'sview, have always strived to enable managements handle growth profitably and enable them build businesses sustainably. We believe that the key to being competitive and thus successful is Knowing Your Core. Through our interactions, assignments and researches conducted, our professionals have designed a model on CORE FINDER that helps organizations become more competitive at the marketplace and build sustainability in their business design for profitability. The model is designed to help businesses not only identify and focus on their core but it also enables them leverage the core capabilities and to win at marketplace even during times of uncertainty and turbulence.

Growth, Sustainability and Being Competitive at Marketplace even during most turbulent times calls for an all important linkage between the core functions of an organization; Corporate Strategy, The People & The Operational Processes. For an organization this linkage is as important as the linkage between the brain, the heart and other organs for a sound human body functioning. Our Core Finder Model helps organizations find its core focus and build an everlasting linkage between the all important functions of the organization by interlinking them with its clearly differentiated core focus. To know more about this service, please connect on or contact our Mumbai office.


You want to start a business - or expand your existing business. You have a great idea, super attitude and the entrepreneurial spirit. So you head down to your local bank; you sit down in front of the credit manager and start to explain this brilliant idea when she interrupts you, "That sounds great, but where is your business plan?"

Traditionally considered an exercise in corporate discipline, today's corporate business plans are at the heart of obtaining financing, forming alliances etc. No longer read exclusively by insiders and traditional lenders, corporate business plans must do more than demonstrate a sufficient level of competence for an organization. The plan has to withstand stiff competition in attracting funding and other desired relationships.

Margin'sviews' BizzPlan has been developed by our professional team after years of execution experience with an aim to help organizations put down the ideas into the concepts which can get materialized after weighing down its potential with a thorough research backing the facts and making the proposition investment ready.

We, through BizzPlan, help organizations build up formal statement of business goals, the reasons why they are believed attainable, and the plan for reaching those goals. We make sure that the corporate business plan is tailored to the preference of its readers, including insiders using the plan to guide the company.

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Cost Control Scorecard

Achieving a strategic control on costs while doing business is critical for most companies - as most of the strategic decisions related to growth and profits revolve around costs.

Margin'sviews' Cost Control Scorecard is a Model that helps companies' build a formal mechanism to have proper control on costs of doing business. The scorecard works on the philosophy that for businesses, greater the profits more so the reason to have tighter control on costs across processes and functions. Our Cost Control Scorecard helps companies not only understand their true cost of doing businesses but also in providing a strategic guidance on avenues of cost reduction and optimization to make companies cost competitive.

We believe that being cost competitive is not an initiative or a milestone but a philosophy which should run through the organization. This is critical for companies as it allows them to respond to constant downward pressure on prices. Our Cost Control Scorecard helps converting strategies into actions for competitiveness & an appropriate management control on cost structure to monitor the progress holistically.

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