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Business Blueprinting

Business Growth is a matter of focus and capital deployment. Most often organisations keep changing their course of action and thus diminish the focus and trajectory of growth. In the changing business dynamics, it becomes critical for organisations to define their road map and articulate their thoughts for growth like a blueprint for them to assess and monitor.

We believe that such blueprinting exercises help organisations clarify their own course of action as well as enable better communication of growth options. We help organisations blueprint such thoughts and develop detailed financial impacts of the same to identify the best option of working. These blueprints can serve various purposes, that of target setting, budgeting & internal performance measurement systems, if not for inorganic growth options & funding identification.

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Industry Research

We conduct extensive industry researches for defining the strategic orientation that the organization needs to have. A detailed secondary research enables organisations understand the opportunities and build their strategies around them. This enables organisations chart out their growth paths and determine the value growth.

Gaining insights to the industry in which one operates is essential to add value to the organization as they can obtain in-depth understanding of new technologies and applications from which to make growth decisions. It also helps discover strategic partnering, Joint alliances and candidates for Mergers & Acquisitions.

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Core Building

Focus is the prime differentiator between mediocre and excellent organisations. However, building the right kind of focus is an art; more or less of it harms growth. The main aim of focus is to identify core competence and grow around the same. This is exactly what we aspire to deliver to our clients in this capability.

Formulation of the vision and mission statement is the stepping stone to the growth trajectory the organization aspires to accomplish. Vision indicates the long term view the organization wishes to achieve underlined by the mission which signifies the fundamental reason of its existence.We help devise the core belief system through which the Organization gets a crystal clear focus on the path to be followed.

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Performance Management Systems

Performance Management is both a strategic and an integrated approach to delivering successful results in organizations by improving the performance of the organisations by building a synergy between organizational success parameters and individual people's aspiration for growth and success. This integration is miraculous. It enables design an invisible weaving of aspirations and build a very differentiated ownership for performance.

However, most organisations do not exploit this tool to its fullest. Many mistake it for performance appraisal system. It actually is much more than a mere appraisal mechanism - it's a philosophy, a culture and a differentiated and effective employee engagement level. Companies which have used this effectively have been able to create success stories out of ordinary team members.

Margin'sview helps companies create dynamic performance measurement with a focus on what really matters to the business. We build dashboards that serve as barometers of ongoing business performance and help companies identify behaviours that advance the organisations goals and drive decision effectiveness.

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Business Analytics

No company can reach its full potential unless it makes good decisions quickly and consistently and then implements them effectively. Good companies can't become great. Troubled companies can't escape mediocrity. There is a clear correlation between decision effectiveness and business performance.

Decision effectiveness however requires good quality data to be mapped, processed and analysed. Transformation of data collected from the source level of business transactions & its effective conversion into relevant knowledge is the key to its success.

With our expertise in understandingorganisations core business processes and the ability to translate them into numbers, we have assisted a large number of growing companies in analyzing their business numbers better. We have done this either through technology or through better data gathering tools at the grass root level.

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Strategic Cost Control (SCC)

Achieving a strategic control on costs is critical for most businesses. Most of the strategic decisions related to growth and profits revolve around costs & prices. Thus having a strategic control on the costs of the business has become a necessity in today's dynamic business environment.

Having a strategic control on costs can help businesses frame up a good pricing policy as the true costs of the firm plays an important role in building value around the product for its pricing. Margin’sview helps organizations have strategic and sustainable control on its costs by making them analyze and monitor the business costs on different dimensions such as products, processes, segments and functions and utilize the same for decisions of defining pricing strategy, product planning and making outsourcing decisions.

Margin'sviews' idea for businesses of having a strategic cost control also helps identify excess costs attached to products, shows avenues of cost reductions and provides strategic guidance on cost optimization.

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Internal Audit (IA)/ Adherence Audits (AA)

An Internal Audit function is quintessential for any organization to identify potential threats to the profitability margins and to make suggestions for mitigating the risk associated with those threats. Thus IA/AA provides assurance to the company regarding its overall health.
It involves detailed examination, monitoring and analysis of activities related to a company's business structure, human resources behavior and information systems of the Company.
Correctly implemented, IA can act as an optimal risk control mechanism.

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Fraud Investigation & Reporting

With India's knowledge based economy growing, sophisticated crimes are bound to grow exponentially. Though White Collar Crime is not something new to India, structured analysis and systemic processes & controls to identify its existence within an organisation; surely is.

These crimes never happen overnight. They are carefully planned and executed with proper adherence to accounting norms. Thus conduct of regular internal audits necessarily does not mean crime proof management systems. White Collar Crime Identification is a Analytical job. It requires the investigator to analyse the information and draw out inferences with business realities in mind.

Margin'sviews' Fraud Investigation & Reporting (FIR) is a specialised capability, and we have enabled many organisations build internal systemic robustness to throw out the risks of such misappropriations. We advise our clients to take up FIR as a yearly exercise which helps them mitigate the high risk of white collar crime.

If this capability of ours' interests you, we would be more than happy to share our methodology & achievements with you.

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