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Business Health Diagnostics

"Do you really know how healthy your business is? Would you benefit from taking a fresh look to see what shape your business is in? Look at the past trends & future of your business. Is profitability on the rise? Are you surpassing your competitors? Are your business results admirable, and do you follow a well-defined growth strategy?"

As businesses start growing traditional financial ratios prove insufficient to point out the bottlenecks to profitability & growth. To overcome this, Margin'sview professionals have designed a diagnostic toolkit which maps the 'Business Health' of the organisation. This Health Test sieves in information to diagnose the concern areas of business performance and provides a road map to the managers in taking wise and strategic decisions.

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Costing & Pricing Decisions

Most of the strategic decisions around profitability in any organization revolve around pricing. A good pricing policy for every organization is knowing the true costs of the firm and the product and then building value around the cost for pricing. Customers and their relationship can be maintained better by having a detailed analytics on the pricing structures and cost structures.

We as Margin'sview take pride in understanding the details around the costs and price strategies that help companies better their margins. We have enabled many organisations understand this relationship and profit from it. We assist organisations through dedicated capabilities of ours : Sustainable Cost Advantage & Price Optimisation Strategies.

  • Sustainable Cost Advantage

    Achieving a low cost position is critical for most businesses. Not only does it improve profitability, but businesses with a low cost position are better able to drive growth through higher investment in sales, marketing and new product development, as well as more competitive pricing.

    We at Margin'sview believe that strategic orientation to costs is a pre-requisite to building internal efficiencies. In long term perspective, cost advantages alone bring competitive advantages to any organization.Our Sustainable Cost Advantage Solutionlooks at cost as the business model of the organization and not the expenses.We look at costs holistically as we believe that the business model of the organisation reflects strongly on the cost structure of any organisation. We have services, which enrich our clients in cost optimization toolkits, thereby improving their organisations' bottomlines. We design appropriate costing systems, corporate cost scorecard, cost restructure & migration options, pricing models for better topline, forecasting techniques, benchmarking, turnaround management and many more strategic cost related activities for the organisation.

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  • Price Optimisation Strategies

    "How does a company determine the prices of its products and services? Does it try to maximize revenue with prices based on value, or is there a formula which adds a desired profit margin to the cost?"

    Few levers have as much power to influence profitability as pricing does.Overprice, and the organisation risks losing business to competitors. Underprice, and it may devalue organisations' offerings.

    Pricing can be a challenge to organisations at any stage of the business cycle - whether one is setting prices for the first time, raising or lowering existing prices, or determining how to react to the unsteady economic climate. We help organisations tackle the pricing issue. Our Price Optimization Strategiescalculate price elasticities, how demand varies at different price levels, and then combines that data with information on costs and efficiencies to recommend prices that will improve profits.

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Segmental Analytics

  • Customer Segmentation

    Every organizations' growing concern is improvement in the bottom line. Companies which are able to manage and analyse their customers better, are in an advantageous position to optimize on them. Customers are the source and renewed source of income and profitability for every firm. In context of the same, it becomes meaningful for every firm to identify and plan for utilization of their scarce resources such that there is a maximum payoff.

    Our services help organizations determine the profitable customers and thus channelize the efforts required to maintain their loyalty and grow the profits.

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  • Product Segmentation

    In a multi product environment, it's extremely difficult to identify the true cost of each product. We at Margin'sview believe that appropriate apportionments call for detailed orientation to the business processes and accurate mapping of the same enables flawless product costing. Knowing the cost of products enables strategizing on pricing.

    Most organizations depend on past trends and generate thumb rules for costing and estimations. Our services bring scientific methodology to every type of product costing – may it be a job based product, process based product or services.This in turn helps strategic decision making on the products and their margin management.

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  • Vendor Analytics

    Customers are the main source of growth for every organization. Most products they consume at the back end, have vendors which form the most integral part of its capability though which businesses attain & retain its customers to keep growing. In a way, businesses' performance depends a lot of its set of back end vendors' performance in terms of timeliness, quality adherence and costs.

    We as Margin'sview feel analyzing vendors' performances consistently is critical to organizational success. We help clients build a vendor performance track record and have a sight on its top performing vendors by streamlining the activity of vendor management through our experienced vendor analytics work.

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Business Process Optimisations

Business processes are the very core of business model. They are the stuff where costs lie and thus they form a very integral part of competiveness. Re-aligning business processes can prove to be miraculous in building cost leadership models OR profit maximization programs.

Margin'sview believes that business processes and their efficient management can lead to market leadership and should be a continuous activity of ever growing organization.

  • Supply Chain Management(SCM)

    Effective supply chain management can be rightly said to be the soul of every organization's operations because often it provides the greatest opportunity for most companies to impact their financial and operational targets.

    Supply chain management spans all movement and storage of raw materials, work-in - process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption. It is critical for an added edge over the competitors and overall efficiency of the company. SCM includes vendor management programs, breakthrough ideas and innovations in supply chain, determining effective analytics for supply chain. In competitive marketplace, managing a supply chain is much more complex challenge because of the new and constantly changing demands of a shorter product life cycle, industry consolidation and the need to take advantage of the merging technologies.

    We believe that there is a strong co-relation between poor performing supply chains and lost profits. To make lean and effective supply chains, organisations need take a broad strategic approach, instead of making improvements in bits and pieces. To know more about how we enable organisations build lean supply chains.

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  • SOP Building & Adherence

    Industries and organizations across the globe require a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) so as to ensure uniform adherence to policies. Also it enables deeper understanding of the process flows leading to operational advantage.

    Standard operating procedures provide the guiding light to the users and the management regarding the operational intricacies. It also provides the ease of corporate reporting along with the performance enhancement owing to optimized processes. Services provided by us include comprehensive provision of SOPs and mandates for the companies to enhance their understanding of the processes and procedures to be adopted and overall standardization for the operation.

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  • Business Process Redesign

    Business process redesign (BPR) examines the efficiency and effectiveness of a company's most critical processes. It is a key enabler to deliver the highest-quality of service, in the most productive way, at the most competitive cost and time to output.

    Margin'sview works with each client to prioritize key processes based on the value at stake. For each priority process we develop a view of the current state based on operational data, using detailed process maps and analysis to help identify major gaps. We then work together with a cross-functional client team to define a series of principles that will guide the solution generation phase, and create a vision of the future state of each process from the ground up, along with the roadmap to achieve the near and long term results.

    We work very closely with our clients in this type of project, enlisting a team from all the functional areas impacted at the leadership and the solution generation level. This allows us to eliminate waste, unnecessary wait times, reports, handovers and sign-offs, while ensuring the integrity of the process.

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  • Total Quality Management (TQM)

    At Margin'sview, our idea of quality management is make organizations more and more efficient by laying a balanced emphasis on quality of the output along with the cost that it consumes, the manpower it needs and the value that it gives to the end users. For us TQM is not just a quality performance parameter but a constant endeavor to achieve efficiency in improved manufacturing capability which can get translated into providing better value to the end users with keeping an eye on the final product cost and price.

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Our studies indicate that companies which excel, constantly challenge their present performance for better share holder value. They are conscious of the fact that paradigm change calls for path breaking solutions. Their experimentation with change thus initiates a consistent tussle between what is viewed as optimal today with creation of a new optimal − which will drive the market in a better future and thus its shareholder wealth.

To get this competitive edge, they keep benchmarking with either themselves or newer organizations, or well aligned peer organizations. This enables them build a culture of yearning for excellence.

We believe in providing similar platform of information to growth aspiring organizations through our benchmarking tool. Organizations can get a meaningful insight for building competitive advantage through this service.

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