Financial Transformation

Valuations Improvement

All companies look at growth as the means to improve their value. However, very few companies end up becoming valuable organisations. A detailed analysis shows that when there is a fault line in the growth model, it erodes the possibility of valuation improvement.

Growth without a philosophy or rationale that's fundamental can be very fatal to the organization. Thus analyzing growth aspiration and apetite is very critical. Margin'sview knows that growth built on fundamental strengths can build value for further inorganic growth models. We have enabled a lot of growing companies derive value through their growth. We assist organisations identify their core, build up a sustainable growth model and improve valuations.

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Turnaround Management

Today's businesses are operating in a tighter capital environment, one in which investors no longer have the appetite-nor the ability-to fund several years worth of operating losses.Some companies have invested in organizations and infrastructure anticipating market demands that have not yet materialized; others have experienced explosive growth beyond their ability to manage profitably; while still others are operating with inadequate financial and operational controls.With this as backdrop, many companies are finding it necessary to radically change direction and strategy to improve profitability.

We at Margin'sview feel that what should follow the above is an intense set of actions and practice them rigorously and to monitor and amend them continuously to change the businesses' direction successfully by improving its profitability and cash flows and put it back on sustainable growth path in phased manner.

We have a proven track record of restructuring and turning around seriously stressed companies by rigorously working on controlling the cash flow, regularly evaluating the management and financial reporting, cleaning up the balance sheet and giving strategic solutions.

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Corporate Finance Optimisation

Until recently, many organization leaders regarded managing cash flow and liquidity as tactical functions left to administrative managers. Yet when general financial crisis chokes off credit, it becomes clear that executives need to think more strategically about cash management and capital allocation.

We believe that companies which aggressively manage cash and liquidity create opportunities to prosper regardless of what is happening across the broader economic landscape.Herein largest sources of value could be the balance sheet. Companies often hold far more working capital than they need to. They make ill-timed or ill-advised capital investments. They own unnecessary or unproductive fixed assets. When management teams focus disproportionately on the P&L, they often miss those issues. In fact, some measures designed to manage costs can actually inflate the balance sheet, consuming cash and destroying value.

Margin'sview has assisted quite a few high-performing companies pursue a more evenhanded approach to financial management. They manage the balance sheet as tightly and as assiduously as they manage the profit and loss statement (P&L), and they reap outsized rewards for their efforts.

These measures typically free up significant amounts of cash, which can then be redeployed to generate the greatest returns. The result is increased shareholder value at a lower cost than efforts focusing on the P&L alone.

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Growth Management

We at Margin'sview are committed to help businesses realize their growth potential. As part of our commitment, we have launched the growth management services for our clients helping businesses' focus on key industry trends, environmental analysis, financial market trends and conditions and key success factors that could affect them.

We are committed to provide an essential bridge to our clients to plan their growth with our “hands-on” assistance in actualizing the plans and providing strategic resources to help them maximize their potential value.

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